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Alabastros Backlit Stones Pvt. Ltd

We are the first Company in India to bring Alabaster into lighting and project applications. Since years, it is being used in handicraft industry as it is a soft stone but now we are using its translucent property in the lighting and projects to give an effect of calmness and serenity. We have done projects across many cities in India. We have Corporate office in Noida and Manufacturing facilities in Agra under Technical guidance of our Principal Spanish Company.

Naturally Translucent Alabaster

From the quarries of Jiloca, Spain this rare stone is extracted out giving the Architects and Interior designers, the opportunity of revealing its secrets and splendours, modulations and transparencies.

The Stone Magnified by the Backlight

The Lights used to Backlit this material should be placed in such a way that it brings out Alabaster’s true nature – veins, cloudiness etc. Needless to mention, Alabaster is the most popular, elegant and rich natural Backlit Stone among all backlit stones. An European Architect said “The world can be divided into two categories – people who possess Alabaster & people who do not possess Alabaster”.

Tonalities of Alabaster

In addition to white and other regular tones, Jiloca is the only quarry in the world that has tobacco color Alabaster and is regarded in highest esteem by Architects and Interior designers around the globe. 



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